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Футбольная команда играет в La Liga, Spain

4147 Yes We Can NEW Yes we can, yes we can. A song of encouragement for when the team is down on the score board and the fans feel they're beginning to give up, to always cheers them up! Плейлист
4198 Mother... This song dedicates some not-so-kind words to the referee, but let's face it, he sometimes deserves it. Плейлист
4534 Ay Granada Just a bit of the great Granada anthem Плейлист
7388 Never Ever Granada came back to La Liga in 2011, since then the fans have been writing some precious lyrics like this one. Плейлист
7865 How Good You Are Iturra is a Chilean midfielder that is slowly gaining a place in the fans hearts. He previously he had played for Málaga C.F. Плейлист
7961 Ioooo, Ioooo! Typical stadium song, only to give people a little more enthusiasm and joy. Плейлист
8532 Kolokon Section Kolokón Section is the name of the Ultra of Granada, sometimes not so beloved by the other fans. This song is obviously their work. Плейлист
9089 Come on My Granada Sing to the beat of the drums! Плейлист
9107 With Soul and Throat NEW This song makes the stadium explodes with screams and jumps, it's a favorite from the fans. Плейлист
9684 Jump Granada A song to rock all the stadium and try to intimidate the rivals. Плейлист
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10721 Now Granada F.C motivating the fans on the north seccion Плейлист
11213 Yes Promotion is the only thing that matters Плейлист
12280 Lo Lo Lo Back and fourth across the stadium Плейлист
13332 Rochina Rochina was the star signing up of Granada on July 2014. Fans scream his name to give him welcome and to make him feel a little more comfortable. Плейлист
13869 Stomp it A very motivating song, they sing it when the team is already winning and don't want them to have mercy for their rivals. Плейлист
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